With the company’s perseverance and long term planning to cater its products to all market sectors in the business industry.  Finally, the company decided to open its retail branches / outlets in the different parts of the country.  Sometime in August of the year 2000 our first branch in Cebu City was finally established and in a glimpse of an eye.  Davao branches also opened, sometime in October of the year 2001, followed by other branches in Luzon provinces like in Laguna (San Pedro), Batangas (Lipa City) and the recently opened branch in Pampanga (Angeles City) & soon to open branches in Bacolod City and Naga City.


As the year 2003 progresses, our Corporate move continues to reap possible results.  We therefore hope that with this great opportunity unveiling before us and may the door of the enterprising people, banking and corporate sector be opened to us.


Our most gratitude.


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